A classic Ivory Desk Telephone from the 1950’s. GPO type 328L with “bell on – bell off” push buttons

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Ideally suited for the bedside, this elegant ivory desk telephone has traditional internal bells that can be turned on and off as required. Fully reconditioned and ready to plug in and use.

This iconic British telephone was introduced in 1937 and was popular until the early 1960’s. Designed by a Norwegian painter and discovered by the then Prince of Wales, its smart styling is typical of the Art Deco period. The handset and body is made of Diacon, an improvement on the early Bakelite. It can add a nice touch to many of today’s interior designs.

It has the original plaited cloth covered handset cord with little sign of use. The line cord is a brand new ivory 3 metres long to match the ‘phone. It has a standard PSTN jack ready to plug in and go.

The desk telephone has been fully reconditioned by a qualified telephone engineer and is compliant with current telephony standards. It is a genuine original British GPO item made in 1957 and refurbished in 1959. Good clear speech performance in both directions and with a lively and very pleasant traditional bell. The entire telephone has been fully sanitised with all parts carefully cleaned and polished.

There are no chips, scuffs or scratches. The telephone retains its bright glossy sheen

with an even colour and no fading. If inspected extremely closely, there’s a few miniscule fleabites to the base rim. It has a pull out drawer complete with clear cellulose wallet to keep your important numbers in.

Technical info

The telephone has been updated with the following internal components: An up to date transmitter for clear outgoing speech (original carbon unit packed with ‘phone and can be easily re-fitted if the thin 1950’s sound is required!) A resistor added to the bell circuit to maintain the correct REN value and a transient diode fitted in order to prevent annoying acoustic ‘pops’ found with early telephones.

The dial is a very smooth number 12 type. It has been re-calibrated with modern test equipment.

The telephone has a blank reproduction card which can be supplied printed with your exchange (or dialling code) and private number if requested. There’s no extra charge for this.

Makers markings

Handset: 164 - 57
Base: 328L FWR 59/2
Type: 328L (300 series)

Please note

BT and the majority of cable companies still support this type of telephone (rotary pulse dialling) however, it is wise to verify this with your provider before making a bid.

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