Red & black retro American rotary dial wall telephone Tone dialling * voIP ready * Star* Hash * last number re-dial 7 number memory

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It’s funky, fully restored, updated  and performing, this neat and robust American wall phone is supplied with a new plug-in ringer, complete with flashing red light.  Ideal for the garage, workshop or where space is limited.  

If you are looking for a good quality vintage telephone that performs well and is fully guaranteed, this rare and unusual model will be a great conversation piece. Although not seen in the UK, this wall phone occasionally appears in American black & white movies from the pre war period of the 1930’s.

The Space Saver has been thoroughly serviced having its internal wiring replaced, a new curly cord and a 9 ft (2.8m)  line cord fitted with a BT plug, ready to use. It is compliant with modern telephony practice, dials smoothly and has clear speech in both directions.  Your own number disk can be supplied. Can be freely used with your computer for voIP, PABX’s and on any telephone line.

The phone comes with its original wall or panel mounting bracket and is very easy to install. 

The phone can also be adjusted to suit its location. The handset & cradle can be positioned to the left, right or centre of the unit.  The dial mount can be turned through 180 degrees and tilted up or down. This can be very useful in a confined space.  I will set the position to suit you, or if you prefer to do it, full instructions are supplied.

The Space Saver has been completely refurbished with all parts thoroughly sanitised. Components have been added to the circuitry in order to comply with current standards. All my telephones are thoroughly tested with an analyser and on a standard telephone line before sale. 

Please note:  the phone has no internal bell, an external ringer with useful flashing red light simply plugs in with the phone. The images of the ringer with the phone connected are shown.

Space Saver Info:

Bell Systems USA, Western Electric ‘Space Saver’, model 43 A 

Manufactured:  1939

Signalling:  DTMF  (dual tone multi frequency) with memory

REN: 1 with ringer

Height of unit:   30 cm

Width of unit:      8 cm

Handset:   Western Electric, F1  (Bakelite)

Body: Western Electric model 43A  (steel)


This telephone was constructed when the ‘built to last’ philosophy prevailed. Still in excellent condition after 60 years or so, you can expect many more years of good service.  Any brand new parts fitted are of the very best quality.

Please buy with confidence, I offer a one year guarantee with lifetime support in the unlikely event of a fault developing later.   Please see my feedback to view my reputation.

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