Traditional British Art Deco GPO Desk Telephone Refinished in Orange

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Beautifully restored in a hard wearing orange coating, in full working order and covered by a 2 year guarantee. A delightful addition to your coordinated colour scheme or interior design.  Just plug in and use!


Complete with matching hand made Egyption cloth cords, identical to the original but a lot more durable and reliable.  The telephone has a 2.5 metres long line cord to reach the wall socket.


The GPO 300 series telephones were widely used in the UK and in Commonwealth countries from the mid 1930’s until the mid 1960’s.  The vast majority were issued in black but ivory, red and green were available at higher rental charges and are nowadays much sought after by collectors.


Why not treat yourself to an iconic piece of telephone history, originally black bakelite, now beautifully restored and re-coated in a hard wearing finish. Perfect for today’s interiors.


The telephones have been upgraded for improved performance and are compliant with modern practice.  They are loop disconnect (pulse dialing) supported by most telecom providers, however it would be wise to check that you have this facility before purchasing.


For those who only have access to tone dialling (DTMF), a future proof upgrade can be added. This enables Last number redial, 7 number memory, Star & Hash. Still using the traditional rotary dial.  The cost of the upgrade is an additional £42.

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